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Norstedts Juridik is the leading provider of legal information services in Sweden, with roots dating back more than 150 years. The company’s online information solution, JUNO, is used by the leading law firms in Sweden, as well as by courts, public authorities and municipalities. Norstedts Juridik offers continuous education for legal professionals and publishes Sveriges Rikes Lag, law commentaries in the products Gula Biblioteket and Blå Biblioteket and Lexino, literature in the red and white series as well more than 100 additional legal publications each year. Norstedts Juridik is part of Karnov Group.


Legal Network of Sweden is a talent network for the most ambitious students with a substantial connection to business. Our mission is to bridge the gap from law schools to law firms. As a member of Legal Network of Sweden you will access exclusive and game-changing networking opportunities, locally and globally. We educate our members in skills that are vital for success and well-being. As a member, you will develop crucial self-leadership qualities in preparation for a future career as a business lawyer. There are no costs involved in our programs, and by accessing our platform, a new world of opportunities lies ahead. A membership in Legal Network of Sweden will give you the best possible start in your career!


Legal Network of Sweden has partnered with many of the leading law firms to provide you with the opportunity to join one of our membership programs. During the program you will visit the law firm for a series of exclusive talks, seminars, and meetups.


These events are designed to give you insight into the day-to-day at a law firm as well as what the workload and assignments for an associate could look like. There you will get the opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded students and lay the foundation for your own future career network.


Eperoto was founded in February 2020, by a strong and diverse team of engineers and legal professionals to change the way businesses, organisations and individuals evaluate and manage legal disputes.


Eperoto was born out of the experience of adjudicating cases in Swedish courts – and the struggles and miscalculations seen in courtrooms. Our vision is to help legal professionals and parties manage uncertainty and assess the rational course of action in legal disputes.

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Westerberg & Partners is a Swedish boutique law firm specialized in intellectual property (IP) and litigation. We assist our clients in identifying, analyzing, strengthening, and protecting their rights – whether based on IP, contracts, treaties, or regulatory frameworks. Our specialization and considerable experience in our focus areas also make us particularly well-suited to advise on transactions within these areas.


The core foundation of our firm is the pursuit of excellence in our work. We believe that this is unachievable without a culture built on mutual respect and a strong team spirit. 


For us, the client and its goals and needs are always at the forefront of our minds. We offer our clients advisers who are truly interested in and knowledgeable of our clients’ industries. Our client base is largely international, and we work with many of the most discerning clients and law firms in the world.


Westerberg & Partners is top-ranked in intellectual property, and dispute resolution. We enjoy the work, we like each other and our clients. We are friends sharing the same vision, and together, we aim to be the best at what we do.